Always have an exit plan.

Dear Olivia,

This one’s simple – always have an exit plan. ..Whether it’s work or a party, always go in knowing how to get out.

If you’re going into a job, stay nimble, flexible enough so that if sht hits the fan, you have an escape plan.  Don’t let yourself or your skills become obsolete – stay on top of your game.  I’m not saying you need to constantly look for a new role, team, industry, whatever.  Just always keep your eyes and ears open.  Stay connected with people.  Talk to people.  Always have a way out.

If you’re going to a party, especially one in tight loud closed quarters, know the nearest exit and how you’d get there.

If you’re in a rough situation, find a way out.  Keep fighting and don’t give up; and especially if someone else is creating that rough situation, just keep going.  Don’t let them win.  They may knock you down, but you, my babe, can pick right up.  We are here for you (and if we’re not physically there, we will be).  Just keep fighting, keep going. We will help you find a way out, a way forward.  There’s light out there, I promise.  Do not give up.  We’re here for you and always will be.  We will help fight with and for you.  Stay the strong girl that you are.  When you feel weak and that you cannot fight any longer, do not worry – your mom, your dad, your community will be there right by your side.  We will fight for you.  We will pick you up, carry you forward, and we will be your strength.

And sometimes, the way out is not the way we originally intended or desired.  Sometimes the way is out is through our perspective, our hearts, our beliefs.  Sometimes we must be at peace with what God (or any higher being that you may believe in) has in store for us.  We have to go by the strength of our faith, and that, my love, is ok.  Strength shows itself in many shapes and forms.  In our deeds, our minds, our hearts.

Love and faith will see us through, will give us courage, and will help us be and stay strong.



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