Sacrifice for You.

Dear Olivia,

I write this letter with the hope that you’ll never have to read it.  It’s almost, or maybe it IS, as if I’m really writing this to myself to justify my thoughts..And also because part of this letter may be a bit morbid, ha.

What I’m about to say is sometimes a hot [controversial] topic.. but little bean, know that, as with many things in life, people are entitled to their opinions, whatever floats their boats.  What may work for one may not work for another.  [There’s so many thoughts going on that I don’t know how cohesive/organized this can be.]  Anyway, here goes…

Ever since you were born, I’ve been afraid to travel, but I’ve also had an even stronger urge to explore the world and not let go of who I was before you were born.  I’m afraid to travel because I’m always scared now about the ‘what if’s.  I’m a little more cautious, a little more hesitant because I don’t want to leave you … alone… for good.

But nevertheless, I still want to go.

Your grandparents don’t understand that.  Neither side.  A lot parents probably don’t. They don’t understand how I can just pack my things up and go.  How I can take these types of “risks.”  They also don’t understand how I can take you with me on my travels.  Mind you, some of these places aren’t even ‘risky.’

But why? Why?

How can I teach you to be strong, to not let go of who you are, if I myself do not live by my own words?  I want to teach you that you can continue to follow your dreams despite what life changes arise.  You may need to modify, adjust, whatever, but you can still move forward with your goals, hopes, aspirations.  You can still dream, and you can still go for it.

I don’t believe that as a parent, you must sacrifice who you are.  I don’t believe that your life is that of JUST your child.  You are still you.  You are still a person with thoughts, beliefs, goals, hobbies, everything.  And it’s ok to still be that person.  Yes, sometimes, I can’t do what I want when I want but that doesn’t mean I can’t do anything at all that I want.  And I do believe that’s it good for children to see their parents as individuals, as people.

So I hope you will never have to ask yourself, why did my parents do this?  You’ll know.  We are who we are – we love to travel, we love to explore, we love to meet new people, try new foods, and learn about the world and its people.


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