Be Present.

Dear Olivia,

I don’t have enough time right now to give this topic the attention it deserves (I’ve opened up my first Etsy store! :), but I wanted to get something to e-paper.

Being present is MORE than half the battle.  Showing up is one thing but present is another… Especially in today’s social media-short attention span-driven society.  I  can’t tell you how annoyed I get at your dad when he’s holding you and looking at his phone.  He rarely sees you (only on weekends for now), and yet when he’s here, he tries to multi-task.

Stop with the multi-tasking.

Focus.  Give people the time of day.  Make them feel important (because they are important – otherwise, why are you wasting your time with them?).

It’s also better for your brain processing.

Can you please promise me you’ll try to be present in all that you do?  If you’re not going to be present then don’t even show up.  What’s worse – not showing up or showing up and not even being there mentally?

Now I get there may be cases where something pressing is on your mind.  That’s much different than social media or being overly consumed by work or whatever.  If you’re going to make that time in your schedule, make the time in your mind, too!  Clear the way for your mind and your heart.

All right maybe I’ll write more later.  See you, little one.


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